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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws - 4 x Gold

EcoMe brings to you "Third Generation Stainless Steel Drinking Straws"

Lets do away with plastic straws and fill it with colour! zhuzh it up! Lets express ourselves in colour... We were born to stand out and not blend in!

* Injury prevention Safety Tip - This is where an EcoMe straw is better and stands out in the crowd! The tip of the straw features a smooth rounded tip... no sharp edges here!

* Scratch and Rust Proof Food Grade Stainless Steel.

* Dishwasher Safe

* Easy clean with a Natural fibre cleaning brush in every Pack!

This Pack features 4 of our beautiful Gold Straws (With Natural fibre cleaning brush)

** Children are to be supervised at all times with any stainless steel straw!

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