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About Us

We would like to welcome you to EcoMe

We are Erica and Julian and we operate this business from our home in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are passionate about our environment and we constantly look at how we can reduce our impact on the one earth we all share.
As we have experimented with new ways to become more environmentally friendly, one thing that we noticed was the cost associated with the products we were purchasing.
We realised quickly that this was a big barrier to people who may want to make changes but can't absorb the additional up front cost of doing so. We decided to do a bit of research into the cost of manufacturing instead of buying products wholesale and trying to reduce the cost by purchasing in bulk.
What we discovered was disappointing. People were using the desire of people to be more environmentally friendly as a way to make huge amounts of money selling items with a massive margin.

In steps EcoMe...

Our Promise to You

  • We will manufacture high quality products
  • Anything we can't manufacture we will sell to you as cheaply as possible
  • Every item we offer for sale will be as environmentally friendly as possible 
  • We will pass the cost savings of this to you 
  • We will look for new products to add to our list all the time - if you have any suggestions please let us know