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Lavender & Eucalyptus deodorant cream

Bicarbonate free, perfect for sensitive skin.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin who cant tolerate the alkalizing effects of bicarbonate found in other formulas. The results are fantastic!

B Bold Lavender and Eucalyptus has a gentle and fresh scent that is soothing and refreshing -  delicate and subtle.

B.BOLD Bicarbonate free works effectively by using magnesium hydroxide to alter the pH in your armpit so those "bacteria bad boys" don't stand a chance when it comes to causing body odor. All while soothing sensitive skin. Arrowroot and kaolin clay absorb moisture to ensure B.BOLD keeps you feeling dry.

It has a stable and easy-to-use consistency with a super silky finish.

Say fresh and Be Bold all day long!

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